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IMAJ Institute

Staff Directory

Meet the Dedicated Members of the IMAj Family Below. Contact IMAj Institute, Admissions, or Our Instructors Directly.
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  • Alyssa Lewis 

    Licensed Aesthetics Instructor – Licensed Aesthetician - Supervising Laser Technician
    Ms. Alyssa has extensive experience working in the retail medical spa environment and her extensive technical knowledge makes her a valuable resource to IMAj Institute students. She also is the go-to person when students have questions about their educational progress. In addition to her instructor duties and student services duties, she keeps the internal supply system functioning which keep the students supplied with the materials they need to practice their aesthetic and laser arts.


  • Joanna Wilson

    Licensed Aesthetics Instructor - Licensed Cosmetologist
    Ms. Joanna’s many skills make her an essential member of our staff. She not only teaches classroom and clinic for daytime and hybrid programs but also ensures our students have the information and guidance need to be successful in their educational goals. Ms. Joanna also integrates our IT Systems to ensure our processes support our business.



  • Kai Farley

    Licensed Aesthetics Instructor – Licensed Aesthetician – Supervising Laser Technician
    Ms. Kai, our Senior Laser Instructor, ensures our Laser Program provides our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful as a Cosmetic Laser Technician. She does a fantastic job of teaching laser principles in ways students understand. Ms. Kai exhibits an artistic touch in getting the best results from our multiple lasers and high-energy devices. She is our Laser Safety Officer and ensures our students understand and exercise laser safety. Ms. Kai’s bright, cheery, positive personality brings joy to our campus.


  • Kiera Smith

    Licensed Aesthetics Instructor Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician
    Ms. Kiera is enthusiastic about teaching aestheticians in classroom as well as during their hands-on training experiences in the clinic. She has a comprehensive knowledge of aesthetic principles and procedures and has a true desire to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be exceptional aestheticians.


  • Moto Kinjo

    Licensed Aesthetics Instructor - Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician, Skin Classic Instructor
    Mr. Moto moved to the United States from Japan in 1994. After becoming an accountant and working as an International Tax Consultant, he realized he would be happier helping people feel better on the inside and out. Mr. Moto's goal is to ensure that all students have the knowledge and guidance needed to pass their state board exam and be successful in their professional career. In addition to owning Moda Pelo Salon Spa, his passion is to be a great educator and to help create our future industry leaders.


  • Jennifer Rowley

    Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician
    After earning her license in aesthetics, Ms. Jennifer entered the medical world of aesthetics to explore her passion for laser and light therapy. She has now returned to IMAj to share what she has learned with our current students in the clinic and laser labs.




  • Risa Coler

    Licensed Aesthetician – Cosmetic Laser Technician
    As an event planner, Ms. Risa first became interested in aesthetics after planning an event called, “Mommy & Me Mini Makeover” which consisted of express facials & make up. She then developed a love for skin during quarantine where she provided her family with facials to help pass the time. After some research she enrolled at IMAj Institute and completed both the Aesthetics and Laser programs. The school then asked Ms. Risa to return as a Student Instructor. Ms. Risa’s assists in laying a solid foundation for students as they begin their new and exciting career in aesthetics.



  • Anjali Johnson

    Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician
    Ms. Johnson is dedicated to helping guide you to becoming a Licensed Aesthetician or Certified Laser Technician. Anjali takes pride in welcoming you by taking you along for a tour of the institute and registering you for classes. She will be helping you with any matters concerning your enrollment at IMAj Institute.



  • Kristine Werschler
    Front of House Coordinator
    Ms. Kristine will be the first to smile at you when you visit the Institute. Ms. Kristine is an integral part of our operations and manages communications on campus, coordinates spa guests and organizes files for both students and clients. She is also continuing her education as a fashion student at The University of Arizona.



  • Joseph Danosky

    Licensed Cosmetologist – Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician
    Mr. Joe, a former Nuclear Submarine Mechanic and USN veteran, is the gentleman behind the scenes. Joe is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Laser Technician, and works daily to maintain and repair all of our lasers and clinical aesthetic equipment. When he is not busy with that, he his diligently developing and prototyping new equipment. This not only puts our school on the forefront of new technology, but our students as well.


  • Kathy Ellsworth

    Certified Instructor Trainer - Certified Lead Auditor- BS Behavioral Science
    Ms. Kathy supports behind-the-scene functions of IMAj Institute. Her responsibilities include policy development, curriculum specialist, and sustained compliance with oversight organizations. Ms. Kathy’s goal is to establish and maintain processes that support IMAj’s mission of Training the Best Aestheticians in the World. Ms. Kathy’s experience includes compliance auditing, corporate training and human performance management.