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Medical Aesthetics 

Esthetic Programs

Train with IMAj Institute to become an expert Medical Aesthetician and find new career success with the program you've been looking for. Gain valuable hands-on field experience at IMAj institute with our expansive array of advanced aesthetic tools and  technology. Our programs offer our students a new, competitive edge in the Medical Aesthetics industry and the right support our students need to succeed as a Medical Aesthetician.

Find the right program to set you up, and set you apart today.  

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Course Description

IMAj's Advanced Aesthetic course is separated by 6 units. Units A and B will teach you everything needed to become a skin expert. You will learn about infection control, become Barbicide certified, and you will study skin physiology and the histology of skin, disorders and diseases of the skin, all while learning how to properly analyze the skin. In Units C and D you will learn more advanced treatments such as waxing, high frequency, galvanic current, microcurrent, chemical peels, dermaplaning and so much more! Once you get to Units E and F you will go through state board preparation as well as professional development and AZ Law. By the time you graduate this program , you will finish with 15 certifications and 1 state license.


Advanced Aesthetics

Find the competitive edge you need for your exciting new career with IMAj Institute's Advanced Aesthetics program! While other Aesthetics schools may offer the theory of advanced procedures, IMAJ Institute offers theory and hands-on training for all of the Advanced Aesthetic procedures in the industry! IMAj Institute's large inventory of Medical Aesthetic devices and equipment from professional grade product lines allow our skilled instructors to provide our students with the hands-on training and knowledge of Advanced Aesthetic procedures they'll need for their future careers.

Details Below

  • 600 Clock Hours
  • New Classes Every 6 Weeks
  • No More Than 16 Students Per Class to Ensure 1:1 Time With Instructors
  • Tuition: $12,495 + $200 Registration Fee + $200 Uniform Fee, Total Tuition= $12,895
  • 4 Month, 7.5 Month, and 9 Month Programs Available or Daytime and Hybrid Programs Available
  • Accredited Through The AZBCB

Course Description

The Aesthetics Instructor program teaches licensed estheticians the skills they need to become an aesthetics instructor themselves. This program consists of training in lesson plan development, preparation and implementation of plans, ands hands-on clinical instruction. Successful completion of this program qualifies you to take the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board Aesthetics Instructor Licensing Exams.

Aesthetician Instructor

The Aesthetician Instructor course is a training program designed for individuals who want to become Aesthetician Instructors, teaching students in the field of aesthetic services. The course curriculum typically covers topics such as instructional design, teaching methods, classroom management, industry regulations and standards, as well as professional development. The course may also include hands-on training and practice teaching sessions, allowing individuals to develop their skills and gain confidence as an instructor. The objective of an Aesthetician Instructor course is to prepare individuals to deliver high-quality education and training to students, and help them become successful and knowledgeable professionals in the field of aesthetics.

Details Below

    • 350 Clock Hours 
    • 11-13 Weeks to Complete (Approximately 3 Months) 
    •  Training Conducted On Campus, Monday - Thursday,  8am-5pm.
    •   Training Presented In Lectures and Interactive Participation Activities.
    •  Student Instructors Observe and Assist Licensed Instructors in The Classroom and Clinic
    • Meets Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board Training Requirements for Aesthetic Instructor License 
Continuing Esthetic Education

IMAj Pro Skills

Interested in adding more expertise to your career? Come join IMAj Institute for continuing education courses in Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Laser Technology to make sure you stay on top of the game! IMAj Institute proudly offers specialized programs with small class sizes to further your education and increase your expertise in specific practices. We are the exclusive provider of IMAj ProSkills™


 Microneedling is an effective method of stimulating growth of collagen and elastin which is essential to youthful-looking skin. Our Microneedling training course teaches you to perform the microneedling procedure and also provides you with a kit containing equipment and supplies to get you started. 

  • 8 classroom hours
  • 8am - 5pm, Monday -Thursday
  • Kits include:
    Numbing cream (1oz) 
    Pink or Black SmoothPro Microneedling Device 
    Size 24 pin needles (7) 
    Size 36 pin needles (7) 
    Size 42 pin needles (7) 
    Hylunia Hyaluronic Acid (8oz) 
    LED Light Therapy Device 
Powder Brows

Also known as Microshading or Ombre Brows, Powder Brows give your clients the sought after look of having naturally full brows. Your instructor will prepare you to offer this state-of-the-art technique with confidence. Learn from experienced instructors so that you can confidently perform advanced microblading techniques on your clients.

  • 16 hours (2 days) class time
  • 8 am- 5pm
  • Class offered once a month on Friday and Saturday
  • Kits include:
     Black Aluminum Cosmetic Case
     Permanent Rotary Pen Makeup Machine
     Tattoo wireless battery
     Numbing cream
     Barbacide Disinfecting Wipes

     Measuring tool
    Unscented Baby Wipes
     Self-adhesive tape
     Pigment Collection (10 different pigments)
     Training Materials 

Eyelash Extensions

Learn how to apply classic, hybrid and volume lashes in just 2 days! We will also give you an intro to business to learn how to optimize your social media to market yourself as an eyelash

  • 16 hours (2 days) of training, 8am - 5pm
  • Class is offered once a
    month on Friday and Saturday 
  • 1 model required to attend both days of training (IMAj Institute’s Admissions
    Coordinator can assist if requested)
  • Tuition Total = $2,250
  • Kit Includes:
     Professional Grade Eyelash Try – 12 line – C curl – 0.15 – 10mm
    Professional Grade Eyelash Try – 12 line – C curl – 0.15 – 11mm
    Professional Grade Eyelash Try – 12 line – C curl – 0.15 – 12mm
    Eyelash Tweezer Kit
     Volume Lash – 12 rows - .05 CC 10mm
     Volume Lash – 12 rows - .05 CC 11mm
     Volume Lash – 12 rows - .05 CC 12mm
     Volume Lash – 12 rows - .05 CC 13mm
     Volume Eyelash Tweezers 90D 7mm Tip
    Volume Eyelash Tweezers 90d 11.5cm
    Volume Eyelash Tweezers – Curved – 13cm

     Training Case
     Facial Mister
     Personal Handheld Fan
     2 in 1 crystal glass pallet
     Lash mannequin head
    Glue rings
    Square mirror
    Under eye gel pads
    Eyelash tape
    Jade stone
    Micro swabs
     Eyelash Shampoo

     Adhesive Remover
     Lash adhesive
     Practice strip lashes 
Spray Tan

Learn the art of spray tanning with our complete training package. Our package includes all the
tools and knowledge you need to start your own spray tanning business.

  • Tuition Total = $550
  • Class is offered once a month on Friday’s.
  • 9am - 3pm
  •  3-6 models required (IMAj Institute’s Admissions Coordinator can assist if requested)
  •  Kit Includes:
     35oz Sugaring Paste
    Baby powder
     Putty knife
    Pre-wax cleanser
    4x4 gauze
     Container to hold sugar paste
Lash Lift

Lash Lifts are easily the fastest way to make your clients fall in love with their look and keep coming back for more! Learn how to enhance your clients’ natural eyelashes using the all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that we're all obsessed with! A lash-lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of extensions.

  • 6 hours of instructor-led training
  •  Receive a certificate of completion
  •  Tuition Total = $550
  • 2 models required (IMAj Institute’s Admissions Coordinator can assist if requested)
  •  Kit Includes:
     Essential Lifted Kit
     Black Lash Tint
     Blue Black Lash Tint
    Intensive Developer (3%, 50ML)

     Disposable Mascara Wands
     Makeup Bag 


Brow Mastery

Learn how to properly style, shape and laminate your clients’ brows and have your clients leave with their dream brows in only an hour!  In our Brow Mastery class, you will learn how to give your clients their dream brows in only an hour! Not only will you learn how to laminate brows by filling in gaps to give them the illusion of fullness and growth, but you will also learn waxing techniques that make styling eyebrows easier. In your kit, you will receive everything you need to start taking clients! 

  • 6 hours (1 day) instructor led training
  •  Receive a certificate of completion
  •  Tuition Total = $550
  •  2 models required (IMAj Institute’s Admissions Coordinator can assist if requested)
  • Kit Includes:
     Brow Kit
     Perm Paper
     Disposable Mascara Wands
     Dental Crushes
    Microfiber Brushes
     Nail Wooden Sticks
    Brow Tint
    Tint Developer
    Disposable Concealer Style Brush
    Makeup Case
     Brow Scissors
State Board Preparation

A Comprehensive, hands-on training that will prepare you for success when taking the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board state licensing exams.

  • 3 weeks of training (approximately 48 hours)
  •  Monday – Thursday
  • 8am – 12pm
  • Review of required esthetic theory knowledge necessary to pass Arizona state board written exam (this is listed twice. It only needs to be once)
  • Delete the kit since it is all online testing
  •  IMAj Institute students have a 100% passing rate their first time taking their state board
  • Tuition Total = $1000
  • Class Dates:
     January 30th – February 16th, 2023
     March 13th – March 30th, 2023
     April 24th – May 11th, 2023
    June 5th – June 22nd, 2023
    July 17th – August 3rd, 2023

     August 28th – September 14th, 2023
    October 19th – October 26th, 2023
    November 20th – December 7th, 2023
* Class Dates Subject to Change