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IMAj Alumni

Welcome to the IMAj Alumni Spotlight. Below are links to our IMAj graduates respective blossoming businesses and their thoughts on how IMAj Institute has influenced, impacted, and supported their growth through their time at our school and into their amazing careers in the Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Tech Industries. Support our Alumni and check out their businesses, they might just offer the service you've been looking for. For our graduates, the Alumni Portal is just a click away at the bottom of the page.


Jaclyn Siegel

"I am forever grateful I chose Imaj Institute as my school to begin my Esthetician career. Imaj never felt like "school" to me because it was something I was extremely passionate about and I met some amazing friends. Every day I spent at Imaj was exciting, whether we were learning something new or practicing treatments on one another, we always made it a good time..."



Brooke Hughes

"My name is Brooke Hughes and I graduated from IMAj Institute in 2020. IMAj gave me all the tools to become the most successful esthetician. From the instructors, to the learning environment, IMAj gives you the best education and I am forever grateful for that..."



Alexandra Calcagno

"Imaj was the steppingstone that I needed to start my own business. The Artisan was just what I needed to make me different and to elevate my customized facials. I’m so grateful for everyone at the school. They have taught me so much..."



Monique Zafarana

"I also appreciated the class sizes, how approachable and well educated all the instructors were, professionalism, the high standard’s students were held too and most of all how you were made to feel like you’re part of a big family at IMAj..." 



Miranda Jakes

“Hi my name is Miranda Jakes and I am the owner and lead Esthetician of Mi Amor Esthetics! I specialize in lash extensions, lash lifts & tints, customized facials, and waxing! IMAj has been at the core beginning of my journey into esthetics and I am so happy to have attended a school that provided me the opportunity to create a strong foundation for the beginning of my business.."

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Angelina Romano

 "Hello! My name is Angie Romano and I attended IMAj in 2021. I currently own a business where I specialize in lashes! I have employees working for me who do waxing, brows, spray tans and other services. I would not be where I am today without IMAj..."


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Suzanne Idler

"Well, hello!  My name is Suzanne Idler, but you might know me as The Esthetics Alchemist.  I attended IMAj in 2021 and I am so grateful for the doors IMAj has opened for me.  I currently have my own little "spalette" (dubbed by my husband) and I could not be happier!  I just don't see how all of this could have happened without the amazing and continued support of the IMAj FAMILY!..."


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